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Building A Home on Your Own Land

Build-on-your-lot locations serviced: Upstate South Carolina: Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson and surrounding areas.

There’s an old real estate saying “location, location, location,” and it’s timelessly true. Land comes in many locations, from rural acreages to waterfront properties and subdivision lots in planned communities. Often, homeowners purchase a ready-built home, constructed on land supplied by a builder or developer. The home may be complete and ready to move in, or may be planned for construction with customization and option selections offered by the builder.

Buying a subdivision home isn’t for everyone. Maybe you already have property in mind, or are looking to build a house on your own land. You may already own the land and need someone to build on your lot. Or you may be looking for information on the process of how to build a house on your own lot and finding builders that build on your land, not just on lots already owned by the builder.

Whatever your situation, working through the home building process should always be a team approach, and the best results come from having the best members on your team. At SK Builders, our hardworking team of home builders has over two decades of industry experience and specializes in building on your own land. We construct homes literally from the ground up, with one construction step sequentially following another. Home planning follows a step-by-step process as well, and the planning stage is equally important to bring the home of your dreams to reality as is the physical construction.

At SK Builders and McAlister Realty, we work with you at every stage of the process. That includes helping to find the right land to build your home, choosing your floor plan, customizing your home, acquiring financing, writing contracts, understanding the building timeline and assisting in many of the small but vital steps in between.

By choosing SK Builders to build a house on your land, you get all the benefits of volume building including better price, easier selections and faster build time, plus the benefits of custom building such as flexibility, customization and attentive service. We deliver the best of both worlds so you never have to compromise when making your vision of a dream home a reality.

With over 25 years of experience, we have put together our top tips and guide to our process of having a home built on your own land.

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