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Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom

April 16, 2021

Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom

Your bedroom is your oasis away from daily stress and chaos. It's the one place in your house where you can relax and unwind. So, it's important that your bedroom feels cozy and comfortable, embracing the concept of hygge — the Danish word for the feelings of coziness and comfort.

This article explores different budget-friendly ideas on how to design a hygge bedroom. From picking the right wall colors to adding a few throw pillows, you'll find at least one cozy idea to amp up the comfort in your bedroom design.

How to Make a Bedroom Cozy on a Budget

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on your bedroom transformation. Home renovation shows and social media influencers often show off elaborate bedroom designs that left dents in their pockets. Although these rooms are beautiful, not everyone has the budget for a floor-to-ceiling transformation.

Here are some small yet highly effective tips on how to make your room cozier, all within a comfortable budget:

1. Pick the Right Color

Color has a big impact on emotion. As an example, you'd feel drastically different in a hot pink room than an all-gray room. When designing a hygge bedroom, you should ideally stray away from bright colors that spark strong feelings of excitement. Even if the feelings are positive, they can have the opposite of a calming effect.

For a cozy bedroom, consider choosing a darker, neutral focal color, like:

  • Charcoal
  • Khaki
  • Olive
  • Navy
  • Terra cotta

You can do many things with your focal color. Make the most impact by painting your walls, or an accent wall, with your color of choice. On average, paint and painting accessories won't overload your budget and are readily available at home improvement stores.

You can also incorporate your focal color through accents like bedding, throw pillows and rugs, which we'll cover in more detail later.

You want to avoid flooding your bedroom decor with too much of your focal color, though. Pair your focal color with a softer shade, such as cream, white or taupe. Then, incorporate your accent color in the smaller accessories of your bedroom. This will keep your bedroom from feeling too heavy or evoking a brooding emotion.

2. Incorporate Ambience Lighting

Another key factor that can affect emotions is lighting. Think about how different you feel when you're in a large store, which often uses industrial, cool-toned lighting, versus a cozy restaurant, which uses comfortable warm-toned lighting.

For your cozy bedroom, you will want to stick to warm-toned lighting fixtures over cool-toned alternatives. Having a bright, cool-toned lighting fixture in your room can make your room's aesthetic feel artificial. Rather, opt for warm-toned lightings, like:

  • Fairy lights
  • Edison bulbs
  • Table lamps

If you have existing lighting in your bedroom, an easy hack is simply switching the type of lightbulb you use. You can find lightbulbs at a home improvement store, as well as many convenience stores.

Many interior designers claim that the key to a cozier bedroom is to have multiple dim lighting sources. An example, consider hanging fairy lights from your ceiling, around your windows or wrapped around your headboard. Also, incorporate table lamps on your bedside table or office desk, as well as other light sources like candles and fireplaces, which we cover next.

3. Buy a Fireplace

Fireplaces are one of the coziest additions you can make to your bedroom. With a fireplace in your bedroom, you'll have a warm place to cozy up next to with a good book. And, as you're comfortable on your bed or working at your desk, you can relax to the background noise of the crackling fire.

Large, elaborate fireplaces can cost you thousands of dollars. If you're willing to make the investment and add to your home's resale value, there's no limit on what you could spend. But, if you're renting or can't afford a wood-burning fireplace, then you can save by buying a ventless electric or gas insert.

Fireplace inserts instantly add depth to your bedroom. You can find fireplace inserts at many home improvement stores. And, to pair with your inserts, you'll require a mantel, which you can also find at home improvement stores.

Set up your DIY-fireplace on an empty wall in your bedroom. Decorate your mantle with personal items, like pictures or your favorite books. Then, decorate the area around your mantle by hanging a wooden mirror or framed art.

4. Add Pillows and Blankets

For a cozier bedroom, you'll want to add different layers and textures. You can compare this to creating a cozy winter outfit — layered shirts, jackets and scarves to keep you comfortable. In your bedroom, you can add layers and textures with pillows and throw blankets.

If you go to a home decor store, you'll find a rainbow of decorative pillows. Pick colors that match your focal and accent colors. Some tips to help you pick out decorative pillows are:

  • Choose a variety of textures: Throw pillows have many different textures. Some have fluffy cotton details, others are smooth satin, and some even have sequins. Choose a variety of textures that correspond with your room's cozy aesthetic.
  • Mix up colors, sizes and patterns: Additionally, create layered textures by choosing decorative pillows of different colors, sizes and patterns. For example, you can choose a large white satin pillow and two smaller cream or taupe-colored cotton pillows. For depth, add an accent pillow with a soft bohemian pattern.
  • Try different placements: When picking out decorative pillows, think about where and how you're going to place them. Common placements include on your bed, office chair or decorative bench. Consider how you want to decorate these areas before going to the store.

Picking out a throw blanket is a little simpler. Various throw blankets are available, too, but the most important part is picking the right color. After deciding on a color, then you can choose different textures like knitted, faux fur or cotton options.

5. Place Area Rugs

Another way to add texture to your cozy bedroom design is through area rugs. Most of the decor items we mentioned earlier rest at eye-level. But, a properly layered and textured bedroom requires decoration on the ground level, too. Area rugs help you complete a cozy bedroom.

First, think about where you can place your area rug. Some examples include under your bed, around a seating area or next to your fireplace. You can have more than one area rug, too, to fill up large empty spaces. Some interior designers even recommend stacking area rugs for an emphasized layering effect.

Here are some things to keep in mind when picking out an area rug:

  • Color: Your area rug can either stand out or blend in. If you want to draw attention to other focal areas of your room, such as your bed, then you will likely want an area rug in your accent color. Conversely, if you want your rug to stand out against accent pieces, you want a rug that matches your focal color.
  • Patterns: Patterns can immediately add depth to any room. Area rugs come in endless patterns, including eye-catching or softly complementary patterns. If your room features many solid-colored pieces, then you may enjoy the boldness of a patterned area rug. Or, if your bedroom already showcases many patterns, then a solid-colored rug may be the best fit.
  • Size: How big of an area are you trying to fill? Rugs come in many sizes, and you'll want to measure your space. If you're going to center your rug in your room, interior designers recommend 10 to 20 inches of floor space between your walls and the edge of the carpet.
  • High vs. low pile: One comfy bedroom idea many people gravitate towards is high-pile rugs. High-pile rugs look fluffier and cozier than low-pile rugs. Plus, high-pile rugs double as soundproofing tools because they absorb many unwanted sound waves.

Before visiting your local home decor store, take a look at your bedroom space and develop a game plan.

6. Add Little Details

One of the defining characteristics of a cozy bedroom is the little details, like candles or personal items. Your bedroom is debatably the most personalized room in your house. So, it deserves items that make you happy, like:

  • Candles: Candles are great additions to cozy rooms because of their ambiance. When you light a candle, you get the aesthetically pleasing glow of the flame and the heartwarming smell of your favorite scent.
  • Knickknacks: Little knickknacks, like homemade pottery, can help make a room feel cozier. Keep your knickknacks on hanging shelves, bookcases, desk spaces, a fireplace mantle or any area that could use some personalization.
  • Wall art: Another way to boost your room's hygge aesthetic is by hanging wall art. Wall art includes paintings, photography, mirrors, hanging plants, dream catchers, or anything else that can fill a space on your wall beautifully.
  • Personal pictures: Many people keep photographs on their phones. Consider printing some pictures, framing them and displaying them around your room. As you look at them, feel comforted by the positive memories.

You probably already have some of these simple items in your bedroom or other areas around your home. Take advantage of what you have, and keep reading to learn more about finding budget-friendly knickknacks and filler items.

7. Other Ways to Play With Texture

Does your room still need textural items? Luckily, there's no shortage of textural decorative items you can use. Some decorative ways you can add texture to your room to make it feel cozier are:

  • Wood designs: Wood is an extremely versatile natural element. Incorporate wood paneling onto your walls — or wallpaper that simulates wood paneling — or use wood furnishings, like wood headboards or bedside tables.
  • Plants: Plants are another natural element that can benefit your bedroom. Add small plants to your bedside table as knickknacks, or use larger potted plants to fill up any empty space around your bedroom.
  • Brick designs: Traditional red brick has a unique porous texture that looks great in any room of your house, especially your bedroom. Consider adding brick elements throughout your bedroom, like a brick fireplace or a brick accent wall.
  • Large bedframes: A natural focal point in your bedroom is your bed. Draw more positive attention to your bed by incorporating a large, decorative bedframe.

Make sure you don't add too many textural elements or your bedroom can feel crowded and uncomfortable. Gradually introduce textural elements and make changes as needed.

Ways to Save Money When Decorating Your Bedroom

Shopping for new furniture and decor can get expensive. Even just buying a new plant and a rug can cost hundreds of dollars. But, redecorating your room doesn't have to be costly. Save money during your room transformation by considering these budget room design ideas:

  • Determine a budget before you begin: Before anything, allocate a budget for your cozy bedroom design. Then, prioritize your shopping list. Do you need larger-budget items, like a new rug or bed frame? Or, do you need more lower-budget items, like succulents or photo frames? Establishing a budget makes it more likely that you'll stick to your budget.
  • Value secondhand finds: You can find unique treasures at secondhand stores, like at your nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army. You can get big-ticket items at a lower price, giving you more room in your budget for items you couldn't otherwise afford.
  • Upcycle old furniture: Do you have a piece of furniture that you love, except for its color? If you have a larger piece of furniture, consider tuning into your crafting side and transforming it into a piece you love. The tools needed to DIY your old furniture cost a fraction of the price of a new table, desk or headboard.

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