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Top Home Decor Ideas 2020

July 31, 2020

Top Home Decor Ideas 2020

Designing your home from the inside out is an exciting process. With a brand-new dwelling, you have a blank canvas to display your unique color and decor preferences. If you don't know where to start, research the interior design styles of 2020 for some inspiration. Here are the top eight interior design tips for 2020.

1. Design With a Mix of Vintage and Contemporary

After the boost of contemporary design in the previous decade, homeowners now decorate their house with vintage accents, paying tribute to a variety of eras. Use classic art and locally-made memorabilia to design your home and show off your unique personality. Add vintage accents to your design in moderation so your house doesn't look outdated.

Every era has an artistic style that we can appreciate. You could go as way back as to the days of ancient Greece, decorating with a bust of a historical hero. Furniture with European-inspired accents is also in, especially couches and dining room sets.

2. Replace an All-White Kitchen With Neutral Colors or Two-Tone Designs

All-white kitchens have been the primary trend for years because of their clean, striking appearance. In 2020, homeowners are ready for a new color palette to adorn their kitchens. Modern houses now feature two-toned and neutral-colored kitchens. In rebellion against the all-white design that dominated the market, interior designers are now implementing these color trends:

  • High-contrast color combinations: Use contrasting black and white for a timeless appearance. Two-toned furniture also gives your living space a high-contrast color palette. Design the cabinetry and countertops in bold colors to bring a burst of life into your kitchen. Mashups of various patterns and colors will continue to trend, even in appliances.
  • Wood and earth tones: For a rustic feel, pair natural wood cabinets with a subtle pop of color. Natural wood brings a sense of warmth to the kitchen. In 2020, replace your cool-toned kitchen with warm earth tones for a more inviting atmosphere.

3. Feature Eco-Friendly Materials With a Luxurious Twist

As more people are concerned about our impact on the environment, the modern trend is to invest in sustainable decor. Reduce your carbon footprint by decorating with bamboo and wood instead of manufactured materials. Picking up on this trend, interior designers have crafted eco-friendly furniture with a luxurious, modern slant.

Biophilic design, which connects the indoor world to nature, provides a relaxing break from a stressful day. Bring live, green plants into your house for better air quality and a calming atmosphere. In 2020, interior designers use wood, an eco-friendly material, in unconventional places, like a cooking range hood.

4. Be Creative and Use Patterns

Patterns, especially layered patterns, are on the rise in 2020. There are no rules for how to use patterns in this decade, so you have a wide selection of designs and colors to use in your house. You could even consider designing the walls and furniture in the same floor-to-ceiling print for a timeless chic.

wallpaper and flooring

The wallpaper and flooring designs we've seen in the past are coming back with a modern twist. Terrazzo flooring transforms dull concrete into a work of art under your feet. Contemporary floral wallpaper replaces the images you may have of faded prints in old homes.

5. Paint With a Bolder Color Palette

The interior design styles of 2020 have replaced dull, neutral colors with bold, bright hues. Cabinets, tiles and floors are all opportunities for you to bring some color into your living space. Bold monochromatic colors are taking the place of pale monochromatic colors. Choose a dark color for your interior doors to contrast your light walls.

Brighten up your abode with some of these trending colors:

  • Warm shades of pink, including terra cotta and coral, create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Navy blue, when paired with white, produces a bold contrast.
  • For an eye-catching accent, consider dark red, bright yellow or green.

6. Style With Eccentric Indoor Furniture

In contrast to modern furniture, round couches and chairs are making a comeback from the 1960s, '70s and '80s. Like most of the interior design tips of 2020, this furniture has modern elements that reflect the styles of this current decade. The focus of furniture with round edges will be on lines and curves.

Rattan and wicker furniture is also getting a second chance to adorn your living space. With the rise of outdoor-indoor flex rooms, you can now use this popular outdoor furniture inside your house.

For an updated interior design aesthetic, use this out-of-the-box furniture in moderation. Instead of going out of your way to buy oddly shaped decor items, buy a matching set to feature in one room. Complement your round-edged furniture set with a uniquely shaped rug.

7. Choose a Minimalist Design

If you are overloaded and stressed more than ever, you may crave a dwelling where you can relax. Minimalist design gives your eyes a break from the screens you look at all day. Floating vanities in the bathroom and childlike furniture are aesthetically pleasing and restful on the eye.

minimalist design

Homeowners also look for furniture and materials that require less time to maintain. Performance fabric is easy to clean, so you don't have to worry about getting stains on your couch. Faux marble looks as luxurious as the real deal without the need for sealing and finishing it. Storage spaces reduce clutter and give more room to a tight area.

8. Be a Design Trendsetter

As you think about your home, you may favor a timeless look that will endure through future trends. While you imagine living in your house for decades to come, you don't want to think about all the updates you'll have to make. You are in control of the atmosphere of your living space through the colors and furniture you choose.

In 2020, homeowners want to be unique in their design styles. Interior design styles of 2020 reveal that people are looking for decor that's different from the same old trends. You shouldn't go out of your way to go against what's popular, but you can deviate from the mainstream aesthetic with your unique personality.

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