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A Quick Guide to Window Placement

July 6, 2023

A Quick Guide to Window Placement

When building your dream home, you must make several decisions ranging from large structural aspects to small aesthetic details — such as what tile you want in the master bathroom, what color cabinets you want to be installed and which siding best fits your home's style.

One thing many home builders also need to take into consideration is window placement. Windows are pivotal in giving your home character and warmth — it matters where you place them.

Five Tips on Window Placement

The five tips below are helpful places to start when designing your window layout.

1. Determine What Side of the House Should Have the Most Windows

Visualize the number of windows to the amount of wall you want to see on the exterior of your home for curb appeal. You might want the front and the back of the house to have the most windows, while the side of the house might show more wall. These proportions can vary depending on what best suits your home's style.

2. Decide Which Direction Is Best for Windows

Natural light is one of the most desirable aspects of a home. Consider when and where you want the sunlight to spill through. For example, incorrect house window placement in a bedroom might mean getting woken up by direct sunlight in the morning, or you might end up working from your home office in afternoon darkness — which is not a strong motivator. Instead, get a general idea of your ideal sun exposure in each room.

3. Match a Room's Personality

A room has personality, and windows can accentuate that. Picking window sizes and shapes should be based on the room's best features. This could include multiple tall, wide windows for a sunroom or a high window placement height in a bathroom for privacy.

4. Account for the Room's Purpose

Intentionally think about what you will be using each room for. You probably won't want a wall of windows in a room where you are putting a TV. Otherwise, you could end up with a lot of glare. Just as each room has a purpose, so should each window.

5. Consider the View

When looking from the inside out, look for the views you want to highlight. In most cases:

  • Small windows prioritize focus on something inside.
  • Medium windows allow for a neutral or equal focus indoors and outdoors.
  • Large windows bring the most attention to an outward focus.
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