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Southern Style Architecture

June 2, 2017

Southern Style Architecture

The South is fabled for its amazing architecture. From South Carolina to Georgia and beyond, people come to the South to marvel at classic Southern homes that often bring to mind a simpler time. But what are those characteristics that truly make up Southern architecture?

There are three main components of Southern architecture to be aware of. Look for them when you’re searching for a home in the South or just touring some of the incredible structures you’ll find there.

1. Weather-Conscious Design One thing everyone knows about the South is that it gets hot — especially in the heart of the summer months. Builders of Southern homes are aware of this and, accordingly, design their structures to handle hot and humid weather.

2. Deep Porches One of the first images many of us have of a Southern home is of family members, perhaps even the family patriarch or matriarch, sitting on a chair or swing on a big, roomy porch, enjoying a glass of iced tea or lemonade. Why are deep porches so important to Southern homes? They tend to foster a sense of community, a condition highly valued in the South. Deep porches also speak to the first feature of Southern design, providing a shaded safe haven against the heat of the sun while allowing you to enjoy the outside and any cool breezes that might be coming your way.

3. Classic Historical Details It’s no accident that Southern homes often bring to mind an earlier time. These homes specifically feature classic architectural details that add timelessness and a feeling of history to the home. Picture long, classic white columns, large, ornate entryways, lots of windows and a sense of symmetry throughout. You can probably picture it already.

For a modern spin on classic Southern architecture in upstate South Carolina, talk to the building experts at SK Builders. SK Builders has been serving the needs of those looking for new semi-custom built homes in the South Carolina area for over 20 years. We can build on your existing South Carolina lot or find you a place in one of our welcoming existing South Carolina communities. We keep newly built semi-custom-built homes affordable by offering a variety of great floor plans and allowing you to customize as needed, with allowance for future customization down the road.

If you’ve always wanted a classic Southern home in South Carolina with a personal touch that makes it distinctly your own, SK Builders is your perfect partner. We’re building a way of life here and we’d love for you to be a part of it. To find out more about building your dream home with us, contact SK Builders today.

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