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Why Are New Homes More Energy Efficient

June 19, 2018

Why Are New Homes More Energy Efficient

Why Are New Homes More Energy Efficient

In this era of going green and climate change, home builders are required to adhere to building codes that advocate for energy efficiency. Some of the measures taken include the following.

Energy Star®-Rated Appliances

Most homes now come with Energy Star®-rated appliances designed to consume less energy. Homebuilders have realized the need to install items that are more energy-efficient, as they offer more value to the property. Energy Star®-rated kitchen appliances, water heaters, air conditioners, and furnaces are just some of the items builders consider when constructing a new home.

Advanced House Framing

Nowadays, house builders use optimum value engineering (advanced house framing) to reduce the use of lumber and prevent the accumulation of excess waste when constructing houses made from wood. This construction technique focuses on building wood houses that are more energy-efficient by using single lumber headers and replacing specific wood frames with insulation materials.

Better Insulation and Air Sealing

New home designs focus on providing better insulation to reduce the use of heating or cooling systems in the home. In some regions, HVAC systems are not required at all, thanks to the improved insulation values. Homes found in these regions feature air sealing designed to reduce leakages. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also reduces energy costs.

Multi-Pane Vinyl Windows

Windows play a crucial role in determining a home’s energy efficiency rating. The energy lost through single-pane windows accounts for a significant portion of your annual energy costs. Fortunately, most new and modern homes come with double-pane windows. Installing multi-pane vinyl windows is a viable solution, as it not only saves energy but also cuts utility costs by up to 50 percent.

Smarter Building Additions

Other than Energy Star®-rated home appliances, new homes may also come with additional features such as solar panels, zonal heating, and cooling systems and geothermal heaters. These additions are tailor-made to reduce energy consumption and to satisfy your specific needs for better and more comfortable modern living.

Invest in an Energy-Efficient Home

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient home, don’t hesitate to contact SK Builders today. We’re a semi-custom homebuilder with vast experience in constructing energy-efficient homes. Our goal is to build you a home that suits your lifestyle and sets you apart from the rest.

By choosing our services, you get all the benefits that come with custom building, including fair prices and faster building times. We also offer an eight-year warranty on all structural designs, plus free workmanship for one year. Contact us online today and learn more about our energy-efficient custom homes in South Carolina.

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