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The Best Season to Begin Your Home's Construction

March 3, 2021

The Best Season to Begin Your Home's Construction

When considering which month is best for the construction of a house, many think of the spring and summer. Since the weather is pleasant, many construction projects start during these seasons. However, beginning construction in the spring or summer can end up costing you more money. This guide explains why building a house in the fall is your best option.

When Is the Best Time to Build a House?

Fall is the prime building season for homes. There are a few aspects of fall weather that create perfect construction conditions:

  • Soft soil: Fall weather — and soil during this season — is cool and dry. These soil conditions are excellent for homebuilding because the ground is much easier to excavate. Contractors can dig, fill and shape the home's foundation with relative ease.
  • Snow insulation: If it snows during construction, the team can continue to work and make simple preparations to keep it out of the home's interior. Snow is also an insulator that keeps the ground warm, which is ideal for digging. 
  • No mud or dirt: Building during the wet season of spring can create mud and dirt that could ruin the yard and track into the home. Since the ground is dryer in the fall, this won't be an issue.
  • Mild temperatures: Temperatures in the fall are not chilly like the wintertime or hot like the summer — the season's mid-range temperatures are comfortable for a construction crew to work all day.
Advantages of Building a House in the Fall

When planning your home construction project, starting in the fall will give you many benefits, such as:

  • Cost savings on materials. The fall is the "off-season" for building homes, so prices for plywood sheathing and other goods severely drop, making it cheaper to purchase materials.
  • Adherence to the project schedule. Since the spring and summer are popular for construction projects, contractors will have fewer projects in the fall. The team you choose will be more likely to arrive at the site on time and work longer, so your home will be move-in ready sooner.
  • Quick permits and inspections. Fall is the slow season for regional governmental agencies, banks and title companies, so you can get permits and inspections faster.
  • A convenient move-in time. Spring and summer builds are ready for move-in by the winter holiday season, which can be stressful and inconvenient. Starting building in the fall means you could move into your new home in the spring or summer when your calendar is more open.
Contact SK Builders About Fall Season Home Building

Fall is the best season for home construction, and SK Builders is the best in Upstate South Carolina. A family-owned and -operated business since 1994, we have built quality homes and personal relationships with our customers. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or building your dream house, your new home will be constructed with quality craftsmanship while meeting your individual preferences.

Contact the team at SK Builders today to start your home construction project this fall season.

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