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Kitchen Design Ideas for Your New Home

May 2, 2023

Kitchen Design Ideas for Your New Home

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house, but it isn't just the place where your food is stored and prepared. This is truly where life happens. Nourishment and comfort come from this “heart” of the home. It's where family members connect over morning coffee or evening snacks and prepare meals for holidays and celebrations together. 

If you're planning a new construction project, the kitchen is a great place to start. You want to get this essential space just right for your family's needs. With so many kitchen interior design ideas to choose from, this space can also be fun to plan! 

10 Design Ideas for Your New Kitchen

Kitchen design trends change rapidly, and that leaves you with an endless supply of ideas to customize. A little planning goes a long way to getting the kitchen design of your dreams that works well for your needs and looks great. We've gathered our favorite ideas for you to use as inspiration for your project. 

1. Colored Cabinets and Accent Pieces

Color is having a big moment in kitchen design right now. And color used on cabinets, islands and other accent pieces is a great way to infuse some fun and personality into your kitchen design. Popular color choices for cabinets now include dark reds, navy blue, dark greens, yellows and sage green, among others. But just about any of your favorite shades can work with the right color scheme

Another kitchen idea that's trending right now is to paint the upper and lower cabinets different colors. You can play around with this idea, but it's generally recommended that you use the darker shade on the lower units to maintain balance and ground the room. 

2. White Cabinets

Among kitchen cabinet design ideas, white cabinets in the kitchen are an enduring choice for homeowners. The use of all-white cabinets can lend itself well to both classic and modern styles and ensures any other decor you use will coordinate. White and other lighter colors can also make a space look larger, which can be especially helpful for smaller kitchens. This idea works great with a few natural accents, like wooden trim, rattan or woven textiles. 

3. Custom Islands

If your kitchen will include an island, consider how you would like to use this space and how large it will be. Today's kitchen islands go beyond being just extra counter space and can have customized storage solutions and dining counters, as well as plenty of other options. 

Islands can also house the range, oven, dishwasher, microwave, extra sink and other features. You may also want luxurious touches like a wine rack or wine cooler built into your island. Kitchen island design ideas also often include extra seating, which is great for entertaining while you cook. 

4. Improved Traffic Flow Through the Kitchen

One idea you'll want to consider when planning out your kitchen is the traffic flow patterns through the space. This can help you plan out the best placement for appliances, cupboards and other components. 

First, think about the “triangle” of a kitchen workspace — the stove or oven, the sink and the fridge. As the cook, you'll want to be able to freely move about this triangle so everything is handy. Plan out your other appliances and storage spaces around this triangle to be most useful. Also think about traffic patterns into and out of the room so kids and guests can come through without disturbing the cooking process. 

5. Built-In and Customized Storage

Today's kitchens have various unique storage options that can be customized to your needs. When you're planning your new kitchen, think about what kind of storage ideas you'd like to implement. 

Extra large cabinets can be great for housing small appliances and pots and pans. Sliding shelves, built-in Lazy Susans and extra drawers keep smaller items organized. Think vertically with cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. Utilize every inch of space for storage with toe-kick drawers or skinny slide-out cabinets in between appliances. 

6. Concealed Appliances 

Appliances are an essential part of any kitchen, but sometimes a more seamless look is better, and you may want them more hidden. Custom cabinetry can “hide” appliances like fridges, dishwashers and microwaves, making them look just like the rest of your cabinets. This choice can make a kitchen appear more tidy and cohesive. It's a great option if you have a more open floor plan with the kitchen opening up into the living room. 

7. Doubled-Up Appliances

If you have a larger family or just love to cook and entertain, consider doubling up on some of your appliances if you have the space for it. Having two ovens can make cooking a large dinner much easier. Or think about installing an extra microwave and mini fridge off to the side for out-of-the-way kids' snacking purposes. 

8. Extra Counter Space

If you do a lot of cooking or have a lot of extra appliances you want out on the counter, consider how much counter space you might need. Planning for a little extra counter space can be a true luxury for anyone who loves to cook, bake and entertain. Consider custom-height counters if you are especially tall or short — or use two different countertop heights if you want to make it easier to involve the kids in the cooking process. 

9. Unique Tile Backsplashes

Popular kitchen tile design ideas include interesting and unique backsplashes. Tile can be another great way to infuse a little personality and color into your kitchen design. Subway tile remains a classic choice in the kitchen, but many new ideas are also popping up, like mosaic styles and interesting pops of color and pattern. Dimensional tiles are another idea that can add texture and depth to a kitchen. 

10. Smart Kitchen Technology

Don't neglect to build in some of the latest technological advances into your kitchen design. Smart appliances can make food prep and planning a breeze. Even faucets can utilize smart technology to give hands-free options, filtering and other features. Many homeowners are opting for built-in speakers and adjustable lighting in the kitchen for better ambiance while entertaining or just hanging out at home.

Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams With a New House From SK Builders

Ready to design the kitchen you've always dreamed of? With so many great ideas out there, now is the perfect time to get the kitchen — and home — that's right for you. Choose from the many available homes and amazing communities from SK Builders, or work with us to design the home you've always wanted on the lot of your choosing in upstate South Carolina. 

With more than 25 years of experience, the SK Builders team has what it takes to help you find your next home. Contact us to take the next step.

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