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How to Ask for Help When Moving

October 3, 2022

How to Ask for Help When Moving

Whether moving to a new apartment or home, having family and friends help you move can save time and money. However, asking for help with packing, unloading or the entire moving process is a big commitment and requires some etiquette and courtesies.

Tips for Asking for Help When Moving

Requesting moving help is one of the biggest favors you can ask of a person. To ensure you and whoever helps you remain on good terms after you move into your new place, you should follow certain etiquette. Here are a few tips for how to ask for help to move. 

Acknowledge the Favor 

Moving is a challenging task. Showing your appreciation for the help will let your friends and family know you acknowledge their work. You might also offer an IOU to those who load boxes or move furniture. Let them know you're willing to assist them with moving in the future. If they don't plan to move soon, you can offer to help with tasks like babysitting or lawn care. 

Give Advance Notice

Try to ask people for help at least a week in advance so they have time to clear their schedule or get any needed supplies. Asking your friends earlier allows you to seek alternatives if a few people you ask can't make it. As you consider who to ask, start with the people who can most easily adapt their schedules. 

Be Specific About the Help You Need

Be as direct and specific as possible so your helpers know what to expect before arrival. Some friends may refuse to help because they think they won't be able to move heavy furniture. Let them know you want them to pack the clothes in your closet or do a similar, less straining task. 

When everyone knows their job, the moving process will go much smoother, and they'll show up ready to do their particular task. You will save time explaining each person's responsibilities on moving day. 

Delegate Tasks

After deciding who will do each task, give them clear instructions and let them handle the job their way. The day will go much smoother and faster when you can let everyone work independently rather than looking over their shoulder. 

Provide Refreshments

Offering water, snacks and treats will help keep your helpers happy and maintain their energy levels throughout the day. Stock up on foods like fruit, granola bars and crackers that will provide a steady energy source. Add some sweets like brownies and cookies for a delicious treat. After the moving day, thank your friends by treating them to a meal like takeout pizza and drinks.

Stock up on Supplies

Ensure you have all the necessary moving supplies ready when your friends arrive so that you save time you would otherwise spend running to the store to grab forgotten items. Pick up boxes, tape, scissors and bubble wrap before your friends arrive. If you know a friend with a dolly or moving straps, ask them to bring it along. 

Professional Movers

While having friends and family help you move is a great option, there are times when you should stop asking friends to help you move and seek the assistance of professional movers. Some of the many benefits of enlisting the help of professional movers include:

  • Experience: Professional moving companies have the expertise to handle large and bulky items safely.
  • Insurance: Many professional moving companies will offer insurance coverage on your items to protect them against damage during transportation.
  • Efficiency: A moving company can load the truck, drive it to your new home and unload it within a day to save time and money.
  • Equipment: Moving companies have the supplies to prevent breakage and injury, whether you need a ramp, dolly or hoisting strap.

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