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Home Inspection 101

March 23, 2020

Home Inspection 101

Before someone can complete the sale of a home, a home inspection must take place. As the buyer, the home inspection protects you from discovering costly problems in your new home after you have made the purchase. You have every right to know what to expect from your new home, and a good home inspection makes sure you do.

A complete home inspection should cover all of your home’s systems. Here are a few details to look out for.

1. HVAC System

It’s crucial for the home inspector to do a thorough check of the heating and cooling system. You want to know that the heater, air conditioner, and ventilation are in good working order. Make sure the exhaust fans are properly vented to the outside of the house and that ductwork and other components are installed correctly and are in good shape. You should also find out how much longer the existing air conditioning condenser can be expected to last.

Even if the home uses some other source of heating, like oil, the system will still need to be inspected. You want to ensure everything works as it should.

2. Roof

Make sure the home inspector checks the roof, including the structural integrity of the chimney. Roof problems are common in older houses, and even in newer houses, a few leaks, worn-out gutters or missing tiles can quickly lead to big problems.

3. Water Drainage System

Water damage can be a nightmare in a home, as it can lead to toxic mold. Make sure there is no water damage and that there is a proper method for water to drain away from the home.

4. Electricity

Make sure the wiring is connected correctly and that the fuse boxes haven’t been overloaded. If there is any worn-out wiring, you’ll want to have that replaced before you buy the home.

5. Foundation and Flooring

Both should be stable and without obvious defects.

6. Toxins

Someone should test the home for radon, asbestos, lead, mold, and other toxins. Newer houses will rarely have an asbestos or lead problem, but it always pays to make sure, especially if it is an older house.

Finding Your Ideal New Home

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