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Home Decorating Tips: Accent Wall Ideas

January 13, 2020

Home Decorating Tips: Accent Wall Ideas

Whether you're redecorating, remodeling or just want to add a splash of something new to a room, many home decorating tips will direct you to accent walls. If you aren't familiar with how to make an accent wall, it may seem like a design choice that's a bit out of your comfort zone. Not to worry ⁠— we've got some accent wall ideas that will make it easier to enhance any room of your home.

What Is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall, also known as a feature wall, stands out from the other walls in a room. Homeowners commonly paint a wall a different color to create a feature, but accent walls can consist of anything that differs from other walls in the room, such as a different:

- Color

- Pattern

- Texture

- Material

- Decoration

A feature wall can add to any type or size of the room, and you can get creative by playing with various components.

Types of Accent Walls

There are many types of accent walls you can create with different materials, textures, patterns, and colors. Some popular varieties of feature walls use:

- Paint: Paint is a popular choice for accent walls. It's simpler to apply and easier to change than other types of accent walls. With paint, you don't have to stick with a solid color. Add vertical stripes to add ceiling height or horizontal ones to catch your eye ⁠— or use stencils that you can match to your home's aesthetic and your taste. Whether you go fun or sophisticated, you can add pops of color with paint or match other accent colors throughout a room.

- Photos or art: Whether you create or collect art, you can create an artistic accent wall. Vary the sizes of your prints and the types, colors, and textures of the frames for an eclectic wall. Or, choose uniform photo and frame sizes for a sleek look. If you have a modern style or simple color palette, print photos in black and white for a subtle accent wall, or go fun with a mix of colors instead. A photo or art wall is a great way to make a purposeful feature wall that you and visitors are sure to enjoy.

- Wallpaper: Wallpaper can add everything from pattern to texture on a feature wall. An accent wall with wallpaper can easily match any room's style, whether it be modern, elegant, vintage, rustic or whimsical. You can even pull a color from the wallpaper and paint the other walls with it for a cohesive and bold design choice. Choose peel and stick removable wallpaper if you live in a rental property or like to change up your space often.

- Wood: From shiplap to pallets to paneling, you have an array of wood styles and textures to choose from for this type of accent wall. Some wood feature walls have a smooth texture and lower profile, while others have a rough texture that sticks out from the wall. Homeowners often install wood in a horizontal pattern, but you can try vertical or chevron — similar to a zig-zag pattern — for something unique that can even add a modern twist to this rustic décor option.

- Stone: From bricks to more irregular rocks that you puzzle together, a stone accent wall brings the outdoors in with an eye-catching texture. Many stone accent walls are already a part of a home's architecture with exposed brick or other materials, but you can also create your own with tiles or faux stone for an easier application.

stone accent wall

For any type of accent wall, consider the colors throughout your room. White walls will go with almost anything, but if you have colors in your feature wall, choose one to use as an accent color throughout the room. It will make the feature wall feel more incorporated, and the room will feel more stylish.

How to Make an Accent Wall in Your Home

One of the most important aspects to consider when creating a feature wall is your reason for making one. Your accent wall can serve to:

- Separate or designate a space.

- Add depth to a room.

- Create a functional wall space.

- Add character to a room.

- Draw the eye to architectural features.

Evaluate the size, shape, and layout of your room before you choose an accent wall. Some rooms are easy to create a feature wall in, while others need a bit more thought.

Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

The easiest place to put your accent wall in a bedroom is often the wall that the bed's headboard is placed against. If you like symmetry, you can create two accent walls with one behind the bed and one across the room. A feature wall behind the headboard can ground a room, making it appear more focused, stylish or cozy, depending on what you choose.

For a great bedroom accent wall, consider these tips:

- Paint an accent wall if you don't want to redo the entire space.

- Use whimsical wallpaper for a kid's room and elegant or modern options for an adult's room.

- Install shiplap behind the headboard for a beach or rustic feel.

- Utilize shelves for a functional accent.

If you have a smaller room and want to make it feel bigger, stick with lighter colors for openness and vertical patterns for height.

Living Room Accent Wall Ideas

Living room layouts vary from home to home with various sizes, shapes and furniture layouts, so you have plenty of living room accent wall ideas to consider. For example, you could:

- Use stone or tile around a fireplace for a show-stopping accent.

- Incorporate smooth, pallet wood behind your television for a rustic feature wall.

- Create a photo wall for a personalized accent.

- Use a dark color for an accent wall to add depth to a room.

Depending on the feel you're looking for, you can use color to achieve it. Warm tones can make a living room feel cozy while cool colors add a modern touch.

Dining Room Accent Wall Ideas

- Your dining room accent wall will depend on the shape, size, and layout of the room. Consider these ideas as you design your own dining room feature wall:

- Create an accent wall on the side of the room with the most windows.

- Utilize architectural features in your feature wall, such as wainscoting, a fireplace, columns or other details.

dining room accent wall ideas

- Use paint on walls with architectural details or windows to make application easier. Don't be afraid of dark colors, either. A narrow room with a dark, shorter wall can have more depth and appear larger.

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