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6 Considerations When Choosing Windows

July 6, 2023

6 Considerations When Choosing Windows

Windows are vital in a home, from adding style to the interior and exterior to protecting against harsh weather. When you replace your windows or build a new home, you may see the many options available and need help deciding which is best for your situation. Here are a few things to consider when choosing windows. 

Available Materials

The two main options for window materials are vinyl and wood. Vinyl is a popular and cost-effective choice often used in new homes. It provides a modern style but usually has limited color options. Wood offers timeless elegance and a universal appeal many homeowners love.

Maintenance Needs

Your windows, like any part of your house, need some upkeep to stay in good condition. You can lower maintenance by choosing vinyl windows, which don't require repainting or restaining every few years. 

You should also consider home window designs. Windows with grilles are often more challenging to keep clean due to their ridges. Also, examine warranties on windows and glass to find long-lasting options you won't need to replace often.

Style Options

Many homeowners choose double-hung windows, which have classic lines and open easily. The latest window designs for houses include slider windows, which open horizontally and provide a wide opening with plenty of light. You can also opt for a more classic style, like windows with grilles. 

UV Protection and Climate

Whether you live in a hot climate or have a large wall facing east or west, you should consider adding ultraviolet (UV) protection. This feature prevents furniture fading and keeps a room from getting too hot. In colder climates, consider adding low-temperature protection and wind resistance with double- or triple-pane glass.


When considering where to put new windows, determine how they will look inside and outside. Think about the direction they will face and how placement might impact function. For example, windows placed on adjacent walls can encourage ventilation when open.

Room Spaces

Windows should also match the rooms they serve. Placing many large windows in an entryway or living room creates a dramatic look with plenty of light. When a particular room faces beautiful scenery, you can capture the view with an appropriately sized window. Other rooms, like a bathroom, might have smaller windows to provide more privacy. 

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