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5 Ideas for Your Front Door

October 12, 2021

5 Ideas for Your Front Door

As the entryway to your home, your front door is often what people notice first about your house. For this reason, it's smart to have a front door that's both eye-catching and welcoming. 

Whether you want to remodel your front entry or make a few DIY upgrades get ready to be inspired. Discover fun front door ideas below, from decorative front doors with sidelights to simple upgrades and more. 

1. Install Wood and Glass Panel Doors

If you are looking for front door makeover ideas that enhance curb appeal, a brand-new wood and glass panel door fits the bill. If it's time for an all-new front door, consider exterior wood doors with glass panels. There are so many beautiful and unique designs available, with styles spanning from contemporary to more traditional, so you can find one that matches the style of your home. 

Modern wood and glass panel doors give a stunning look to more contemporary homes while mimicking the lines of the home's architecture and letting in lots of natural light. But this style is not just for modern homes. 

Even more traditional styles, featuring gorgeous carved wood or other custom features, can include large glass panels effectively, as well. No matter your style, you can utilize this front door trend. If privacy is a concern, opt for frosted glass or patterned etched glass to obscure the view while still allowing natural light to spill into the home. 

2. Try Pivot Doors

One of the best modern front door ideas is the pivot door. This contemporary door design idea is rooted in modern architecture and provides clean lines for your home's appearance. 

What sets a pivot door apart from the rest is the unique way it's hung and the way it moves when opening. Instead of hanging the door on wall-mounted hinges, a pivot door is set on pins at the top and bottom of the door frame. This installation allows the door to almost appear to float as it gracefully swings open and closed. 

Pivot doors offer a dramatic, modern look and are best paired with homes that have modern or contemporary architectural lines. They're often larger than typical front doors, perhaps even floor to ceiling, and usually feature lots of glass to let in plenty of natural light. Pivot doors are also ideal for a location where a traditional door jamb isn't possible or for an especially heavy door. The overall effect of these unique front doors is stunning, and they're an excellent way to add curb appeal to a modern home. 

Add Sidelights

3. Add Sidelights

One way to add curb appeal to your front door is by including or adding in sidelights. These are the slender, long windows placed on either side of a main entry door. They allow you more visibility to see who is at your front door while letting in more natural light, too. A single door with sidelights also makes your front door appear larger and more welcoming, helping it capture the attention of guests or potential buyers. 

Sidelights are available in a wide variety of styles and can be made to match the style of your door for the most cohesive look. Sidelights can be a large glass panel or use other materials like wooden framing with smaller glass panels. They can have traditional or contemporary styling or anything in between. 

Contrasting colors on the sideline framing can highlight and accentuate your door, while using the same color as your door will integrate the sidelights even more and make the entry look larger. For more privacy, opt for smaller glass panels in the sidelights or frosted or etched glass. A transom window above the door and sidelights can also add to the overall effect, encasing your door in luxurious windows that let in natural light. 

4. Update the Door's Hardware

An easy DIY fix to give your front door a new look is by updating the door's hardware. It may seem like a small change, but it can have a significant impact, especially if your hardware is starting to look worn or outdated. 

With new hardware, you can give your door a fresh appearance without a huge investment. Update the locks, deadbolts, door knockers, mail slots, handles and any other hardware attached to your door. Check out different styles and finishes that will effortlessly freshen up your front door. Go for a matching set with all your pieces for the most professional, cohesive look. 

To take this idea even further, update other hardware and design elements around the door, such as address numbers, outdoor lighting fixtures, planters and decor. These small elements all add up for your curb appeal and are easy to swap out as trends or your tastes change. 

5. Hang a Seasonal Wreath

One of the simplest front door updates that will add charm to your curb appeal is a wreath hanging on your door. And while you might first think of a Christmas wreath, there are wreath styles for any holiday and season you can imagine. 

Choose gorgeous florals in spring and summer, a classic wreath of spruce or pine branches for winter or a spray of bright autumn leaves in the fall. Whatever the season, a beautiful wreath will make your front door more welcoming. It's an easy idea that requires no remodeling or expensive costs. You could even make a wreath yourself to save even more. 

If you like the look of a wreath on your door, consider adding in a permanent decorative wreath hook. This addition allows for safe hanging of the wreath and adds to the overall beauty of your door. It will also make it even easier to change out the wreath when it's time for a new season or a new look. Many types of wreaths can be safely saved in storage until the next season to use again and again. 

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