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How to Pet-Proof Your Home

March 17, 2021

How to Pet-Proof Your Home

Pets are more than just four-legged critters who wander around your home. They're beloved members of the family. Yet they can also create a lot of messes. From kitty litter smells wafting through the air to puppies who chew on everything and anything, pet-proofing is an essential aspect of being a pet owner.

How can you cat-proof or puppy-proof your home and still maintain a lovely human abode? Here are some tips on how to create a pet-friendly home without compromising on style.

Choose a Pet Gate That Matches the Surroundings

If you've got a puppy on the loose, it's a good idea to limit the number of places it can go. If you want to block off rooms with expensive furniture or the upstairs, a doggy gate is a must. Instead of the usual bulky pieces of plastic, opt for a pet gate that complements your home's color scheme. Today, you can find wood-look dog gates or options with a sleek white finish. Once your pup is out of its chewing phase and is housebroken, you can give them a bit more freedom.

Store Away Your Items

Take a look around your home. Anything your pet sees is a potential chew toy or scratch post waiting to be destroyed. While some items can be tucked away in closed-off bedrooms, that may not be convenient for busy families who need to grab something and go. From shoes to bags to miscellaneous items, purchase some functional yet stylish storage bins that you can place high on a shelf.

Invest in Washable Area Rugs

During the potty training phase, your pooch will undoubtedly have an accident or two. Place a few washable rugs in areas your puppy frequents. That way, you can toss a rug in the wash when your dog has a mishap instead of risking stains on your nice carpet. 

Hide Your Wires and Cords

We live in an age where expensive electronics are a part of life. Don't risk letting your pup chew through and ruin your phone charger or TV cord. Many home improvement stores sell cord wrapping or cord storage solutions. This has the added bonus of keeping your cables and wires from becoming a tangled eyesore. 

Keep Trash Bins Out of Sight

From curious cats to prying pups, dogs and cats of any age seem to love the trash. Make sure your trash can has a cover and keep it out of sight in a kitchen cabinet or pantry well away from your inquisitive pets. 

Consider Chic Kitty Litter Solutions

While your lovely cat may add grace and sophistication to your home, its litter box does not. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to keep the litter out of sight. Store it in an unused linen closet or convert a wardrobe. If you're handy, craft a cute and attractive kitty box that matches your home's overall aesthetic. 

Begin Your Search for Your Perfect Pet-Friendly Home

If you're a growing family of both humans and pets, you need a home everyone will love. SK Builders has a diverse selection of floor plans so you can build a home that every member of your family will love, right here in upstate South Carolina. Contact us today and we would be happy to walk you through the home building process every step of the way.

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