Taylors, SC

Taylors is located in Greenville County on Wade Hampton Boulevard (US 29) halfway between the cities of Greenville and Greer.

About Taylors

Taylors, SC is located in Greenville County on Wade Hampton Boulevard (US 29) halfway between the cities of Greenville and Greer. Situated amongst the gorgeous natural setting of the Blue Ridge Mountains foothills, this safe, quiet and friendly community is close to all the amenities of a bustling urban center while offering virtually everything you possibly could need right in town. 

Upstate South Carolina is perhaps best known for its incredible natural beauty and open spaces, and Taylors truly delivers with nearly limitless opportunities for outdoor activities including hiking, biking, golfing, hunting, fishing and so much more. In particular, the area is renowned for its lively schedule of community festivals and celebrations, as well as for hosting numerous arts shows and cultural events throughout the year. 

Taylors, SC is a short commute to downtown Greenville and just a 30-minute drive to Spartanburg, providing direct access to the Highway 29 shopping district and opportunities for outdoor recreation at beautiful Paris Mountain State Park. The area has a lot to offer local residents whether you’re a student or young professional, raising a family or enjoying your retirement years.
There’s access to top public and private schools including a world-class institution of higher learning at nearby Furman University. Taylors is also conveniently close to an international airport, the Amtrak train station and major highways and bi-ways. 

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  1. Blue Ridge Plantation: Lakeside
    Taylors / $310s - $400s
  2. Blue Ridge Plantation: Seven Oaks
    Taylors / $190s - $210s
  3. Creekland
    Taylors / $190s - $210s
  4. Lincoln Park
    Taylors / $220s - $280s
  5. Ryder's Ridge
    Taylors / $190s - $260s

Inventory Homes

  1. 304 Delphine Court
    Taylors / $361,500
  2. 15 Bufflehead Street
    Taylors / $332,800
  3. 7 Ryders Way
    Taylors / $272,600
  4. 5 Edward Springs Way
    Taylors / $268,900
  5. 17 Bishop Lake Way
    Taylors / $268,900
  6. 9 Bishop Lake Way
    Taylors / $266,200
  7. 218 Clear Court
    Taylors / $262,500
  8. 11 Bishop Lake Way
    Taylors / $260,600
  9. 15 Bishop Lake Way
    Taylors / $256,100
  10. 19 Bishop Lake Way
    Taylors / $254,400
  11. 105 Ryders Way
    Taylors / $252,900
  12. 109 Sawyer Kyle Way
    Taylors / $252,800
  13. 109 Ryders Way
    Taylors / $252,750
  14. 21 Bishop Lake Way
    Taylors / $245,800
  15. 23 Bishop Lake Way
    Taylors / $244,800
  16. 6 Asher William Way
    Taylors / $242,950
  17. 7 Bishop Lake Way
    Taylors / $241,600
  18. 129 Bur Oak Drive
    Taylors / $227,400
  19. 8 Creekland Way
    Taylors / $225,800
  20. 7 Creekland Way
    Taylors / $217,125
  21. 116 Creekland Way
    Taylors / $214,500
  22. 141 Bur Oak Drive
    Taylors / $214,300
  23. 102 Creekland Way
    Taylors / $212,200
  24. 100 Creekland Way
    Taylors / $205,400
  25. 137 Bur Oak Dr
    Taylors / $204,500

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