Greer, SC

Greer possesses a combination of small-town charm and big-city opportunities, attracting a wide variety of businesses and people from across the country and the world. The main headquarters for Michelin North America is located here as is the nation's only BMW manufacturing plant.

About Greer

If you’re searching for a place to buy or build a home that offers a combination of small-town charm and big-city opportunities, Greer, South Carolina deserves a spot at the top of your list. Conveniently located along the Interstate 85 corridor between the cities of Spartanburg and Greenville, living in Greer is an attractive option for a growing variety of homebuyers. With a strong job market bolstered by the presence of the headquarters for Michelin North America and the nation’s only BMW manufacturing plant as well as exceptional schools, ample family-friendly activities and a warm and welcoming community, it’s clear why this thriving hamlet is such a popular location to settle down. 

Greer is a place rich in natural beauty that celebrates a historic past while promising an even brighter future. Residents enjoy being just a short drive away from all the shopping, dining, entertainment, culture and sophistication of a major metropolitan center. Living in Greer also offers the laid-back country feel Upstate South Carolina is famous for. It’s the type of city where you still find “mom and pop” stores alongside the bigger national chains, and you might bump into your elected officials at a PTA meeting, summer street concert or local sporting event. From a well-respected police force, fire department and first responders to neighborhoods that feel like living in an engaged and caring community, it’s little wonder why most residents agree Greer is a great place to live. 

SK Builders is a family-owned regional builder that’s been helping a wide variety of clients find the right home in Greer, SC and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. We offer opportunities to buy a residence in one of our picturesque communities with a seamless purchasing process thanks to our close relationships with local realtors. You also have the option of building the home of your dreams by choosing from one of our exclusive designs with customizable floor plans to suit your needs. 

View our inventory of homes and communities currently available in the area and contact our professional team for expert assistance. At SK Builders, it’s our goal to make living in Greer, SC a reality for you and your family.


  1. Amber Oaks Farm
    Greer / $220s - $290s
  2. Autumn Ridge
    Greer / $215s - $300s
  3. Castle Rock
    Greer / $200s - $270s
  4. Crosswinds
    Greer / $180s - $220s
  5. Hillside Acres
    Greer / $300s - $365s
  6. Katherine's Garden
    Greer / $180s - $250s
  7. Owen's Farm
    Greer / $320s - $400s
  8. Timber Glen
    Greer / $180s - $250s


  1. 119 Owens Creek Court
    Greer / $416,400
  2. 115 Owens Farm Court
    Greer / $397,800
  3. 108 Trout Lane
    Greer / $358,600
  4. 101 Trout Lane
    Greer / $327,650
  5. 102 Ridgefield Lane
    Greer / $293,500
  6. 104 Ridgefield Lane
    Greer / $284,400
  7. 100 Ridgefield Lane
    Greer / $283,600
  8. 437 Golden Amber Lane
    Greer / $282,600
  9. 428 Golden Amber Lane
    Greer / $266,500
  10. 433 Golden Amber Lane
    Greer / $264,300
  11. 302 Ansel Woods Lane
    Greer / $257,500
  12. 527 Turning Leaf Lane
    Greer / $256,000
  13. 1 Amber Oaks Drive
    Greer / $254,400
  14. 709 Corley Way
    Greer / $237,900
  15. 104 Ramshackle Way
    Greer / $237,600
  16. 524 Turning Leaf Lane
    Greer / $237,300
  17. 106 Ridgefield Lane
    Greer / $236,400
  18. 102 Timber Glen Place
    Greer / $227,800
  19. 705 Corley Way
    Greer / $223,200
  20. 707 Corley Way
    Greer / $221,400
  21. 202 Spruce Creek Court
    Greer / $220,200
  22. 109 Ramshackle Way
    Greer / $220,100
  23. 103 Ramshackle Way
    Greer / $217,200
  24. 703 Corley Way
    Greer / $214,400
  25. 406 Bridlecrest Lane
    Greer / $208,900
  26. 101 Ramshackle Way
    Greer / $207,400
  27. 402 Bridlecrest Lane
    Greer / $203,900
  28. 111 Ramshackle Way
    Greer / $197,900
  29. 503 Presley Court
    Greer / $193,700
  30. 105 Ramshackle Way
    Greer / $181,200

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