Boiling Springs, SC

Boiling Springs is located in the northern half of Spartanburg county, east of I-26 and north of I-85.

About Boiling Springs

The area became known as Boiling Springs because of a small spring near the center of town that actually appeared as if it were boiling and would sometimes shoot water 6 feet into the air. The geyser diminished gradually over the years. By the 1930s it had become a shallow, bubbling stream—and today the water is still. After the spring was cleaned up and dug out, a small park was built around it with benches, flags, and a memorial to a citizen of Boiling Springs.

Culture, Education, and Recreation

  • Chapman Cultural Center
    The Chapman Cultural Center hosts nearly 400 events every year, provides residencies for professional artists in many different disciplines, has educational programs that reach over 40,000 students in local public and private schools, and countless other contributions to the community.
  • University of South Carolina Upstate
    One of four accredited four-year schools in the University of South Carolina System, it is home to approximately 6,000 students and 340 full-time faculty.
  • ​Boiling Springs Community Park (One)
    A community park with a walking trail, picnic tables, a playground, and a event building that is available for rent.
  • Boiling Springs Community Park (Two)
    A community park with a walking trail, picnic tables, and a performance stage.
  • Lake Bowen
    A lake-side park with boat ramps, a playground, picnic pavilions, public restrooms, and a canoe/kayak launch.

Emergency Services


  1. Ivywood
    Boiling Springs / $150s - $190s


  1. 945 Garnet Circle
    Boiling Springs / $218,900
  2. 437 Kensrowe Drive
    Boiling Springs / $212,600
  3. 433 Kensrowe Drive
    Boiling Springs / $196,600
  4. 636 Ivywood Place
    Boiling Springs / $193,250
  5. 332 Greymark Lane
    Boiling Springs / $191,700
  6. 644 Ivywood Place
    Boiling Springs / $190,900
  7. 513 Shady Vale Place
    Boiling Springs / $188,950
  8. 661 Ivywood Place
    Boiling Springs / $186,900
  9. 668 Ivywood Place
    Boiling Springs / $186,700
  10. 521 Shady Vale Place
    Boiling Springs / $183,500
  11. 664 Ivywood Place
    Boiling Springs / $181,100
  12. 613 Ivywood Place
    Boiling Springs / $177,450
  13. 648 Ivywood Place
    Boiling Springs / $175,800
  14. 421 Kensrowe Drive
    Boiling Springs / $167,500
  15. 640 Ivywood Place
    Boiling Springs / $166,900
  16. 621 Ivywood Place
    Boiling Springs / $166,400
  17. 665 Ivywood Place
    Boiling Springs / $166,250
  18. 425 Kensrowe Drive
    Boiling Springs / $155,100

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