Matt McAlister
Tuesday, July 3, 2018

How to Reduce Construction Waste

Managing waste from a construction site is not a walk in the park. Construction accounts for the highest amount of waste in any industry. Besides affecting the environment negatively, construction waste management can also be extremely expensive to any homeowner.

Fortunately, this doesn't have to be you. We have compiled a list of strategies that can help you lower your waste management costs.

  1. Set Waste Reduction Goals

It’s important that you specify viable waste reduction goals before embarking on any construction project. You might have to work with other construction professionals, including project owners, engineers, architects, construction managers and environmental assessors, to set waste reduction goals that are practical. This will help you adopt and implement various waste reduction strategies at every construction phase.

  1. Avoid Over-Ordering Materials

You should avoid ordering materials in excess, as this will certainly lead to waste. Although it’s very difficult to know the exact quantity of materials you need, always use viable estimates. For a more accurate assessment, always consult an experienced construction contractor.

  1. Recycle Materials

The recycling of waste materials is a practice that’s widely encouraged by stakeholders from various sectors. This is because recycling not only saves the environment, but it also converts waste materials into reusable products. Common recyclable materials include metal, plastics, concrete, cardboard, paper, wood and asphalt roofing, among many others. You can enjoy tax breaks and even earn back some money by selling recyclable waste materials.

  1. Design With Standard Dimensions in Mind

No matter the size of your project, always consider standard dimensions when designing your project or ordering materials. The design of your building should correspond with the size of the materials to reduce waste. This is particularly important when using wood, since lumber accounts for 25 percent of all construction waste.

  1. Reuse Salvaged Materials From Demolition Projects

Reusing salvaged materials from demolition or remodeling projects is another way of managing waste and lowering costs. This works for materials that aren’t recyclable, such as doors, fixtures and window frames. It’s important that you identify these materials early by sorting them out to avoid accidental disposal.

  1. Work With Environmentally Sensitive Suppliers

Consider working with suppliers who are sensitive about waste management. Suppliers can be of great assistance in reducing your waste management costs by avoiding unnecessary packaging and other materials. Remember to inquire about their policy regarding buying back unused supplies.

Hire a Reputable Construction Company

The construction company you enlist for your project can play a key role in reducing your waste management costs. Always hire a company with a good record as far as waste management is concerned. For more information on how to lower your waste management costs, contact SK Builders online today.

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