Matt McAlister
Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Should I Buy Land Before Choosing a Builder

You have your new home all planned out — everything from location and the number of bedrooms to the paint in your soon-to-be kitchen and the type of flooring. While you have your dream house figured out to a “T,” finding the perfect home in an ideal neighborhood can have you thinking of building on your own lot instead.

Therefore, homeowners often opt to buy land in their preferred location before choosing a builder to construct a home that suits their preferences. Purchasing land before selecting a builder comes with advantages and disadvantages, and customers don’t always realize there are significant advantages to working with the right builder to choose land and plan for their home at the same time.

Why a Team Approach Is Best

Instead of searching for the perfect piece of land alone, working with a builder can help you pick a location that will fit your home design plans. Whether you have a specific property lot in mind or you’re looking to build a home on the land you own, SK Builders can help. We can even assist you if you’re searching for more information on the process.

Relying on team effort between the builder and homeowner allows you to specialize your house, as SK Builders constructs homes from the ground up. Because planning requires a step-by-step process, teamwork can create a smooth transition into your new home. No matter which method you choose, take a look at the pros and cons of purchasing land before finding a builder.

Advantages of Working with a Builder to Choose Land

Benefits include:

  • Avoiding Higher Upfront Equity: Buying property, then contracting a builder after requires a substantial investment, so you will need more upfront equity to break even.
  • Avoiding Excessive Paperwork: The process of buying land and building a structure involves a lot of paperwork. You must enlist the services of various professionals, including real estate agents, surveyors and lawyers, before closing a deal. You also have to comply with insurance concerns and building codes throughout the process. A home builder often has a network of vendors that can help walk you through the process and a team that has worked together before.
  • Lot Discovery Support: If you’re facing challenges finding the right piece of property, a custom home builder can provide lot discovery support which includes valuable info and insight about available land. They also can help you determine if the land will fit the floorplan you are thinking about.

What If I Buy Land First

If you have already purchased land, it’s not a problem either. In some cases buyers either need to move quickly to secure a specific lot or need a more flexible timeframe. A quality builder will still be able to help you as you are finalizing your dream home plans!

Should I Buy Land Before Choosing a Builder?

Buying land before selecting a builder depends on your preferences. If you’re looking for land for your new home in the South Carolina area, SK Builders offers a range of services from real estate to custom home building on your own property that’ll help you make the right decision as we work with you to customize your location and home. We provide lot discovery support and can build your home to suit your lifestyle. We also handle all the paperwork, giving you the peace of mind.

Take the next step and contact SK Builders online today!

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