Matt McAlister
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bathroom Organization Tips for Every Homeowner

The bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms in the house to organize. It’s hard enough for one person to keep their bottles, lotions, towels and soaps straight, but add in a few other family members and it can be utter chaos!

There are ways to keep the clutter under control, however, and even make your bathroom a relatively pleasant place to be. Here are a few bathroom organization tips for homeowners to consider.

Start With the Medicine Cabinet

The easiest place to start when it comes to organizing your bathroom is with the medicine cabinet. Forget about putting medicines in there, except maybe aspirin and your daily vitamin. Things you don’t use every day, like cough syrup or thermometers, can go in a drawer. Throw out outdated medicines and move the rest.

That should free up space for some of your toiletries and other small items that are currently cluttering up your bathroom counter.

Towel Hooks You may need more than one towel in your bathroom, so you might have some hanging over your shower door, some on the towel rack and a few on the floor. Installing hooks in your bathroom is quick and easy and can get some of those towels better organized.

Make a Hair Care Bin Take stock of how many products strewn about the bathroom are hair related. Buy a bin for beneath the sink to collect them all, from hair dryers and curlers to sprays and gels. Be tough and get rid of the products you never or rarely use. Keep the rest in the bin. It will be out of the way and you can pull the whole bin out when it’s time to do your hair.

Toilet Furniture This works better than it sounds, trust us. Often, the space above your toilet tank is wasted. Put in some shelves or a unit designed to go around the toilet and provide storage space. You can put a lot of your bathroom clutter in one of these units in a well-organized fashion.

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