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Pricing and Cost

Do I have to pay for the lot?
If you're building in one of SK's subdivisions, then the price of the lot is included in the price of the home. There's no additional cost for the lot.

Will I need to make payments on the house during construction?
If you're building in one of SK's subdivisions, then you won't make any payments on the house until closing.

What upfront costs come with building a house?
The only upfront expense to build a home with SK is Earnest Money. Your closing costs (e.g. down payment, loan processing fees, attorney fees) aren't due till the day of closing. Here's how earnest money works: before SK sets out to build a home, they want to make sure that the buyer is "earnest". So, for a home under $200,000, SK asks for $2,500 upfront (it's $5,000 if the home is over $200,000). That money will count toward your closing costs, but will be held in a Trust Account during construction. If you didn't have any closing costs, then you would receive a check for $2,500 (or $5,000) at closing! So, it's not an additional cost. Also, if something goes wrong (very unusual) and the contract doesn't work out, you'll generally get your earnest money back (those conditions are all specified on our contract).

Do I have to use one of your recommended lenders and one of your recommended attorneys?
You may choose any lender and attorney, but to qualify for the Buyer's Incentive offered by SK Builders, you'll need to use one of our recommend lenders and one of our recommended attorneys.

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What appliances come standard in an SK home?
The stove, microwave, and dishwasher all come standard.

What brand of appliances does SK use?
We use Kenmore brand appliances.

Can I upgrade to a gas stove?
Yes. We have four different appliance packages.

What color are your standard appliances?
Our standard appliances are black, but you can upgrade to a stainless steel appliance package.

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What is your standard foundation?
The elevated slab is our standard foundation.

What is an elevated slab?
The elevated slab is our standard foundation. Visually, this means that the bottom of your home will have two or three rows of brick before the siding begins.

What is a high crawl space?
A high crawl space is an affordable way to build on a sloping lot. The walls of a crawl space are ventilated (like a normal crawl space) and the earth floor is covered by a protective vapor barrier (keeps moisture in the soil away from your home). Unlike a basement, the ceiling of a crawl space is insulated.

Can you build a house on a basement?
Common practice in the south-east is to build basements on sloping lots. That means the back wall, and a portion of the side walls, will open out to the backyard (rather than being surrounded by earth on all sides).

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Are window screens standard on SK homes?
Yes. Window screens are included in all of our homes.

Do you offer blinds?
Yes. We offer plantation style blinds on all of our windows, but they don't come standard.

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How wide are your standard garage doors?
Our standard garage doors are 16' wide. You can upgrade to 18'.

How wide are your standard driveways?
Our standard driveways are 16' wide.

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What is your standard material for siding?
Our homes come standard with vinyl siding. If you build with us, you'll select the color package that suits you.

Do you offer any other materials for siding?
We offer fiber cement siding on all of our homes. In some of our communities, fiber cement siding is standard: Castle Rock, The Enclave at River Reserve, The Reserve at Carriage Gate, and Stone Creek Falls.

What is a "shake"?
The shake is the area underneath the gable. To create a contrast on the exterior of a home, we use a different kind of siding—one that resembles the texture of wood shingles.